Collaboration and Crowdsourcing -Harnessing the knowledge of your students

idea of "crowdsourcing"-- wisdom of crowds; inquiry, self-creation--creating new information by combining wisdom from different genres, locales, experiences

Wikipedia and wikis are your backbone. Schoolfusion can also be used, but there isn't longevity--each year, new site.

Key is helping students "crowdsource" new data, answers, research, writing, evaluating, etc. The power is in the "wisdom of the group" and what each student has to offer.

Some experts willing to collaborate w/your classroom.


Today's Meet
Today's Meet Session 1 Session 2



Chatzy Session 1 Session 2


Titan Pad Session 1 Session 2

Wallwisher practice


Arapahoe HS and Lovett School Hamlet Discussion
(explanation here)


Sample collaborative projects:

Building something-- Wikis, VoiceThread, Google Docs, Wallwisher, group Prezi
Kris Phelps Policy Project pbwiki
Laura Deisley Lovett School Energy collaboration wikispaces
Wallwisher easy collaborative brainstorming
Radio Willowweb podcasting
Fullerton High School "Elie Wiesel" project

Researching and collaborating--Wikis, Blogs, Skype, CoverItLive, TitanPad, Voicethread
Kris Phelps' Ap Government Collaborative blogs
Laura Deisley Lovett School MS Global Issues project wikispaces
Lisa Parisi Comparing Hemispheres Project
Buffy Hamilton Veterans project
Kristi Robins' CoverItLive project
Collaborative Mapping with Google

Collaborating across the curriculum
Art/Music/Poetry Project Voicethread (Art by 2nd graders in UT; Music by 6th graders in TX;
Poetry by 9th graders in Colorado).

Collaborating Globally (see wiki page on global projects)
Jen Wagner's Good Deed pbwiki project