Building a library program

What would your --- say? (from David Loertscher)
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What would you LIKE your --- to say?
Click here to discuss on TitanPad.My vision for our programs? Students learn differently, build knowledge differently--do we?karlfisch "We live, for the 1st time in history, in a world where being part of a globally interconnected groups is the normal case for most citizens" quoting Clay ShirkyBuilding Learning communities conference followup—Shannon and Heather
Getting started by building your own network:Twitter resources


Breakout session (not in lab) 1-2 p.m.

Look at these "knowledge building" projects in groups. Share impressions/uses/ideas:

Building something-- Wikis, VoiceThread, Google Docs, Wallwisher, group Prezi
Kris Phelps Policy Project pbwiki
Laura Deisley Lovett School Energy collaboration wikispaces
Wallwisher easy collaborative brainstorming
Radio Willowweb podcasting

Researching and collaborating--Wikis, Blogs, Skype, CoverItLive, TitanPad, Voicethread
Kris Phelps' Ap Government Collaborative blogs
Laura Deisley Lovett School MS Global Issues project wikispaces
Kristi Robins' CoverItLive project
Collaborative Mapping with Google

Collaborating across the curriculum
Art/Music/Poetry Project Voicethread (Art by 2nd graders in UT; Music by 6th graders in TX;
Poetry by 9th graders in Colorado).

Collaborating Globally (see wiki page on global projects)
Jen Wagner's Good Deed pbwiki project

Partner with another school longer term

Knowledge building Tools you can use:

Wikispaces or Pbworks
Brainstorming tools like and Wallwisher and Titanpad
Wordle or Tagul as brainstorming tools

Wordle: SLA - Americans - all classes


Now--SHARE your story!

Blogspot or Edublogs Flickr moo cards

Advocacy ideas:

Advocacy can be fun:
Spicing up advertising for libraries