Research 2.0

Project for the day--Create a Google Doc for your notes.
(other choices for students--Titanpad, Wikispaces, Blog)

Research and Web 2.0
  • sharing and collaborating

.Pre-planning--helping students focus
brainstorm ideas for student research project for your students

Share your ideas.


Improving student info literacy
  • Web evaluation lesson--group activity

Web evaluation--other resources, hoax sites, etc.

Photoshop and students

Drawing on student expertise? or building a framework?

Guided searching:

Independent searching
  • Databases
  • Google advanced
  • Google alerts
  • Searching better with Wikipedia

Helping students be more selective: strategies


Searching time: Note taking and bookmarking

Build a pathfinder for your students--Wiki or Furly

Bringing in outside experts? Skype, Chatzy, TitanPad

Organizing and writing the paper

Google Docs
Google "share"

A word about bibliographies

Tools for self-evaluating the paper: to evaluate writing style of paper
Wikis--discusssion tab

Ways students can share their product:
Video documentary
Ppt and
Panel presentations (add Ustream/CoveritLive, etc.)

Post project--How do you have students share their work globally?
Does it end in your room?

Use Bubblus to brainstorm things you could do post-paper?

Evaluation of project/self reflection-- Polldaddy

Other tools:
  • Noodletools--coming soon?
  • Notely – Notely focuses on students and provides a very similar interface to Microsoft Word. It allows for formatting, highlighting passages, adding images and more. You can also keep track of your schedule to make sure you are never late again.
  • Notebook.Zoho.Com -- allows you to sort notes into "books" with pages for each subtopic. Can share just parts or the whole.
  • Some interesting search tools:
  • Google fastflip
  • dipity a timeline of news around an issue

Other amusing videos: