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Why use images?

Obama's inaugural speech in 5 modes:

Images creating an identity:

Presentation Zen principles.

Design basics
Slide show design
Slide tips

Teachers teaching Teachers--Explore Flickr and select six photos, save to computer. Explore flickr's abilities.

Sharing--teach us what you've learned about Flickr.

More about Flickr:
Flickr Stream/slideshows
Creative commons--What is it?
Compfight for searching
Flickr storm searching flickr photos
Email photos to your Flickr account

Assignment ideas: Creative uses of images like "letters" in flickr or "numbers" or "math" or "design" etc.
Six Word Stories on Flickr.
Spell with Flickr

Telling a story in four words: The Four Slide Project. Use Flickr to create a four slide project around theme and add text. Share.

(Tip--Use Powerpoint)


Adding to your toolkit: Exploring

Telling a story 50 ways from Cogdog
And a lot more picture tools
And even more tools from JoyceValenza (including avatar makers)

Sites to explore:

Animoto -automated slideshow (also see
Museum Box
Prezi -- design an out of the box presentation
VoiceThread --collaborative storytelling software, online
Scrapblog or Mixbook --Create an online scrapbook, must be purchased
Vuvox -- Create a mixture of video/still images, collage-like with audio --Store powerpoints or pdfs online
Big Huge Labs (create posters, collages, badges)
Photofunia www.**photofunia**.com/
Tuxpi (easily add a photo effect and download the result)
Speechable (add bubbles, captions)
Zamzar Convert one file type to another
Presentation Zen

Recreate your four slide story using one of the tools above.