Library Educon: The "Unworkshop"

Meeting with Carl on EdTech
Problem solving:
Credit card--for all libraries

How to reach EdTech
Hotline 20888
Website of tutorials and videos
Eduphoria "Help Desk" - edtech and a button submit something

Our library training session today:

21st Century Libraries

At an unconference, you define what you need to know.
Today's your opportunity to ask, to share, and to do future planning for the fall.

What would you like to learn more about? What can you teach others? What planning discussions would you like to have?
Post it on Wallwisher!

10:05 to 10:50
Session A: Blogs of all kinds (Carolyn)
Session B: What is hot in your library (Patti)

11:00 to 11:45
Session A: Animoto and Book reviews or QR codes (Heather)
Session B: TrueFlix and Bookflix e-books for elementary (Bonnie)
Session C: iPads (Carolyn)



1:00 "Smackdown"
--on iPads you can set restrictions, like disabling app purchasing, deleting etc. Go to "General" and look under "Restrictions".
--Google documents for book discussions -- share it out to the students. to make QR codes for books. Can set up QR code for authors, book trailer sites, etc.
--I learned that if you have a Nook you can read a book for free for two hours at Barnes/Noble Store.
--First Fridays--IPS can go to the library lab all day long on one Friday a month to get help or ask questions.
--Add a clustermaps widget
--Posterous--an easy blogging website
--Set up a bookmark on the desktop with the ipad by browsing Safari, use the arrow at top of screen and then pick save to home page. Can set up your library catalog or database as a desktop "app."
--Aesops wheel App--spin for fables $2.99
--promoting Bluebonnet books with QR codes; Putting the QR code right on the book so if a student likes the book, they could scan it.

Write down an appliance. Brainstorm how the library is like that appliance.

A library is like....

a refrigerator-- it keeps things fresh, and you can bring in fresh ideas. Can store things.
Washing machine--can see things happening through the window, hot topics and cold facts near each other, shake up the expected and clean out the old.
Coffee pot--filters information so you get what's best, collect the information slowly so you get what you want, a full pot.
Blender mixes it all up, mixes up information, books, internet, video, and makes a smoothie(finished product).
Vacuum--sucks up knowledge, can get to every corner, it has different attachments for different purposes and tools you can use, and it's loud.
Food processor--Because we make the monotonous work easier and quicker in helping teachers to find answers.
Blow dryer--makes me feel warm and fuzzy, it's helpful, various methods and lots of ways to get hair dried/ find information but the library gets the job done.
DVR--can access many kinds of information, can focus on your own interests and resources(personalized), can read over and over again
Microwave- Information can be heated up and digested in minutes.

Planning and Goal setting
A 21st century library?

Advocacy videos using Flip Cams--
Assignment was to make a video in one hour promoting use of the library:
and here are the videos-

A summer learning opportunity

Remaining Questions?