Going Global

Opening slideshow http://www.flickr.com/photos/julielindsay/show/with/4394083961/

Intro videohttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ocSdWHXIrK8&feature=related

Introduction: Skype Guest, Jenny Luca, Australia

karlfisch "We live, for the 1st time in history, in a world where being part of a globally interconnected groups is the normal case for most citizens" quoting Clay Shirky

Reasons to do a global project and what that means--Brainstorming.

What Eanes teachers are already doing

Getting Started:

1. Understanding by Design:
What are your learning goals? What are your essential questions?What tools will you need?

Preplanning and importance of that: Reba
Set some basic guidelines
  • taking turns
  • manners
  • appropriate use of language/slang ect...
  • have some questions ready in order to get the conversation moving
  • plan a start time and somewhat of an end time
  • appropriate goodbyes
  • leave time for what did we learn - discussion
  • follow up - possible thank you note or email

2. Designing a global project
Kim Cofino's presentation (show first 10 minutes) http://k12onlineconference.org/?p=335

3. How do you get started or meet people? Building a network

More about Twitter

4. Joining versus designing projects

5. Tools you may need

TitanPad brainstorming http://titanpad.com/utsINIwE17

  • Organizational/Students:

Ning(free version), Ustream, Flickr, CoveritLive, TitanPad(replaces Etherpad)


Skype guest: Clarence Fisher, Canada

Set up Skype account

6. Explore more Sample Projects
Flat Classroom Project http://flatclassroomproject.wikispaces.com/
Earthcast http://earthbridges.wikispaces.com/

7. Brainstorming time. Brainstorm ideas for a project that could have a global connection(in partners).

8. Share with mentor and get advice.

Mentor chat room: Diane Cordell guest

Mentor chat rooms
Group 1 (Cathy Jo Nelson--Librarian, Dorman HS, South Carolina)
Group 2 (Diane Cordell--Librarian and consultant, New York state)
Group 3 (Dean Shareski--Digital Learning Consultant, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada)
Group 4 (Buffy Hamilton--Librarian, Creekview High School, Canton, Georgia)
Group 5 (Joel Adkins_Director of Technology, Kerrville, Texas)
Group 6 (Scott Floyd--Director of Instructional Technology; White Oak, Texas)

9. Share with the larger group. Questions? discussion?

10. More helpful resources for later reading

http://www.flatclassroomproject.org/ (video summary of project)