Collaboration and Web Tools

Teaser: How are these students learning? Or, "learning is noisy." (Flat Classroom Project)
Contrasted with:


One teacher's view "Creation vs. Consumption"

questionflickrxurble.jpgWhat does collaboration mean?
What do you think of when you think collaborative? What are you wanting to achieve?
What should the collaboration help students do better?
In class collaboration, long distance collaboration?
Start with the end in mind, then find the tools to assist you.

questionflickrxurble.jpg Collaborating within the classroom--

Wikis, Google Docs, and Powerpoint as workhorses
Everything you ever wanted to know about wikis (workshop resources on creating wikis)
Making Powerpoint work for you (and
Google Docs tutorial video

Step 1: Create your own wiki--using or
Step 2: Groups--Examine two projects below and share them

questionflickrxurble.jpgCollaborative assignments for...

Building something
-- Wikis, VoiceThread, Google Docs, Wallwisher, group Prezi
Kris Phelps Policy Project pbwiki
Laura Deisley Lovett School Energy collaboration wikispaces
Wallwisher easy collaborative brainstorming
Radio Willowweb podcasting

Researching and collaborating--Wikis, Blogs, Skype, CoverItLive, TitanPad, Voicethread
Kris Phelps' Ap Government Collaborative blogs
Laura Deisley Lovett School MS Global Issues project wikispaces
Kristi Robins' CoverItLive project
Collaborative Mapping with Google

Collaborating across the curriculum
Art/Music/Poetry Project Voicethread (Art by 2nd graders in UT; Music by 6th graders in TX;
Poetry by 9th graders in Colorado).

Collaborating Globally (see wiki page on global projects)
Jen Wagner's Good Deed pbwiki project



Working with your wiki--
Find examples of collaborative projects or wikis (look in the galleries on VoiceThread,, Classroom 2.0 Ning, WikiProjects on Moving Forward) Prezi Gallery) and add 1 to your wiki.

questionflickrxurble.jpg Constructing the project so that it works effectively

Group 1: Use the Wallwisher site to brainstorm collaborative assignments/ideas
Group 2: Use the TitanPad site to brainstorm

Tools for use:
Voice Thread, Slideshare, Prezi,, Animoto, Wiki, etc.
online journal writing online video chat online discussion board/forum Cool Tools for Schools

Tips on Collaborating
a. Know your goals. How will this project help your students learn and engage?
What do you want them to learn?
b. Know the limits of the software and be clear on what you'd like it to do.
c. Do you want small groups collaborating? Whole class? Across class periods? Across schools or the globe?
Those factors will affect the tools you select.

Organizing the assignment:
Small groups within a class--wikis per group, blogs per each group, Google Doc, TitanPad, CoveritLive, Chatzy
Entire class--wiki with separate pages for groups, individual blogs or sites, work and merge
Across class periods--wikis or Google Docs
Across subject areas--Wikis
Across globe--Wikis, Google Docs, TitanPad, Chatzy, Skype(important)

questionflickrxurble.jpgDesigning the lesson

Last part of afternoon--creating/defining an assignment.